Shortlist 2018

Magda Bethani

Magda Bethani


Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Magda Bethani decided to pursue her passion for ceramics on a full-time basis in 2012 when she was accepted onto the DCCOI’s two-year Ceramics Skills and Design course in Kilkenny. She creates functional ceramic-ware and high-quality one-off pieces.

Drawing inspiration from bronze vessels found in Mycenaean tombs in Greece dating from the thirteenth century BC, her work is defined by an ongoing exploration of form, surface and process. Her intention for her work is for it to carry a sense of these ancient artefacts while at the same time maintaining a contemporary feel. Her use of distinctive green and blue glazes with stylised handles makes them uniquely modern while preserving references to the historical objects that have inspired them. In recent times she has begun experimenting with form and shape in her commercial work, and making unique display pieces featuring bubble glazes and black clay. She plans to expand upon these new ideas by creating highly expressive pieces that will be identifiably by their rich surface textures and considered combination of materials.

Magda Bethani applied for a Golden Fleece Award to buy herself the time, space and materials required to produce a new, more sculptural, body of work. The Award would allow her to experiment with different hand-building techniques – as well as new clay bodies, glazes and slips – that will inform the development of her artistic practice.