Golden Fleece Award 2018

Paul Hallahan

Paul Hallahan

Golden Fleece Award

Originally from Kildare, Paul Hallahan lives and works in Dublin. He received a one-year project studio award at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in 2018 and previously ran Soma Contemporary in Waterford from 2009 to 2012. He completed a BA in Visual Art at IADT in 2011 and his practice is primarily based in painting, with an interest in contemporary non-image based abstraction.

He moved from making video-based work to painting in 2015 as a response to working in the tech industry and seeing first-hand how the world is so engaged with moving image and screen-based technologies. He looked at how various colour field theories from the 1960s could be applied to today’s world, making richly-coloured paintings in acrylic and ink on canvas that, in some ways, are out of focus. The materials he uses are central to his work, and he is careful not to hide them. Working on both a small and large scale, much of his work is connected by ratio. He has exhibited widely in Ireland since 2017.

Paul Hallahan applied for a Golden Fleece Award in order to expand his painting practice and work towards a number of exhibitions in 2018/19, including a solo exhibition at the RHA’s Ashford Gallery and a two-person exhibition with Lee Welch at the Municipal Gallery, dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire. The Award relieved him of financial and time-based pressures, allowing him to continue to focus on the development of his work.