Award Shortlist

When the Golden Fleece Award's annual call for applications closes, the entries are processed and sent to the Golden Fleece Advisory Panel and Board of Trustees. Then the pleasant but arduous task of shortlisting begins.

Once the application deadline has passed the real work starts, with the five members of the Advisory Panel independently reviewing the applications across all disciplines over a period of six weeks.

Early the following year, each Panel member submits a personal longlist of ten applicants. They meet to discuss the longlisted applications and from them a shortlist is selected. Once the shortlist is drawn up, the Chair of the Panel presents the shortlisted applicants' work to the Golden Fleece Trustees at a meeting held in the spring.

The Trustees then privately deliberate on the Panel's recommendations, decide how the Award will be administered that year, and the names of the shortlisted applicants are announced.

The Golden Fleece Award normally consists of one or more major Awards, to which may be added smaller Merit, Special Awards or Commendations. The results are announced at an annual Award Ceremony, which usually takes place in March.

To find out more about the work of recent winners and artists shortlisted for the Golden Fleece Award, visit Award Recipients.