Special Award 2017

Fiona Mulholland

Fiona Mulholland

Special Award

Fiona Mulholland completed a BA at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin in 1993, followed by an MA at the Royal College of Art, London. A multidisciplinary artist using a variety of materials, she established Mulholland Jewellery in 2014. Her work is largely focused on an exploration of light, colour and pure form.

In an extension of her sculptural practice, which has seen her complete several large-scale public commissions, she uses light and reflective surfaces to draw attention to the transient nature of existence, and the interdependence that exists between atmosphere, space, and the effects of materiality and form. She combines contemporary craftsmanship with cutting edge design to produce collections that are based on formal geometric principles. Consisting of individual modular units created by riveting together layers of coloured Plexiglas combined with precious metal, her work fully exploits the luminosity of the materials. At once sophisticated and playful, her jewellery refracts and filters light through carefully curated prisms.

Fiona Mulholland applied for a Golden Fleece Award to assist in the purchase of an Epilog laser cutting machine which would facilitate the production of new work for exhibition, commission and retail, and allow her to develop her CAD skills and experiment with incorporating new materials into her work.