According the wishes of the Award's founder, Lillias Mitchell, the Trustees of the Golden Fleece Award include members of Lillias' family, professional fund managers and arts managers who all work closely together to help manage the Award.

As desired by its founder Lillias Mitchell, the Golden Fleece Award is managed by a Board of Trustees including both family members and experts in finance management and the arts. They are: her nieces Geraldine Mitchell and Rosamond Mitchell, and great-niece Lucie Campos Mitchell; independent consultants Barbara Cotter and Deirdre Dunne; and arts specialist Belinda Quirke (Artistic Director, Solstice Arts Centre).

The Trustees work closely with the specialist Advisory Panel who draw up the annual shortlist for their consideration. They have final responsibility for the management of the trust fund set up by Lillias and for the allocation of the available Award money each year.

Past Trustees (2002-2021)

Previous members of the Board of Trustees are Stephen Hamilton (original Chair of the Board and a solicitor at A&L Goodbody who worked closely with Lillias to draw up her Will); Aileen Keogan (past Chair of the Golden Fleece Trust who assisted Lillias in preparing the Trust Deed, also through A&L); and Lillias' niece Lucy Mitchell.