Merit Award 2016

Sara Flynn

Sara Flynn

Merit Award

Originally from Cork, Sara Flynn studied Ceramic Design at Crawford College of Art & Design and currently lives and works in Belfast. Concentrating on the challenges of forms thrown on the potter's wheel which are then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, she produces sculptural decorative vessels. She also creates 'closed' abstract forms through the production of limited-edition cast bronze objects.

The major concerns that her work deals with are form, line and volume expressed through the qualities of her chosen materials. She has an ongoing relationship with porcelain, and it is currently her clay of choice. Of great importance is the potential of new and exciting edges, contours and shapes which can be explored through an understanding of material qualities coupled, crucially, with technical skill. Surface quality is also critical: she researches extensively to find the best glaze for the form, or vice-versa. The patination of the cast metal is also meticulously considered to accentuate the form and speak of the material.

Sara Flynn applied for a Golden Fleece Award to fund a period of intensive research and development towards an exhibition of new work at Erskine Hall and Coe, London in December 2016. Given the experimental nature of her work, production incurs a high loss-rate and financial support would allow her to pursue equally high standards.